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Alanna O'Keefe

The Story of Alanna O'Keefe

My dearest brother Alaine was born not minutes before I. By the right of primogeniture, however, he was destined to become The O'Keefe after my father. My mother, Lorna Dougal O'Keefe, may she forever rest in peace, died giving birth to the twain of us.

You may think life was hard, having just my Father to raise us. Well, he didn'ae do much of the raising of myself. That was left to our chatelaine, Lady Margaret. I always thought Father would take her to wife, but that was nae to be. I was a very strong willed girl-child, and with the childish encouragement of my dear Alaine, I'm afeared I was a wee bit of a terror to poor Lady Margaret.

I was trained in the ways of the sword by my father's liege-man Kray, and thus I met my dear husband, Barktooth of the Shortbeard. He was the only man willing to put up with my wild spirit. In fact, we have got along like cats and dogs, but we respect each other's skills and knowledge, and this makes for a lively, if not content, marriage!

Here is a picture of my huband Barktooth and me.

And here is a picutre of Barktooth and I receiving our Award of Arms for service to the Kingdom of Atlantia from their Majesties Havorth and Mary Grace, may they reign eternally.

The History of Clan O'Keefe

The great man, Art O'Caom, gave his name to us, that we might prosper, and himself became the First O'Keefe. In those times the clan resided in the fair County Cork, around the villages of Glanmore and Fermoy.

The devil Normans, those Gaulish heathens, led by Gwillam came to our fair lands around the time of Lorn O'Keefe, or 1240 Common Era for those of you sadly lacking in the clan history department. We were then forced to flee the Normans and moved south to the Duhallow county where our new homelands came to be called Pobble O'Keeffe (O'Keeffe country).

My Family


I have been most blessed to have been adopted into a clan of like-minded folk, who are fair and blessed indeed. These go by the name of House ArgentLupe, which in the common tongue means House SilverWolf.

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