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Lord Christian Del'Aganté

It was 1458, and Lord Etienne D'Elegante was every bit as "elegant" as his name. Silks, feathers, satins, and lace at special dispensation was di rigeur for this fancy lad. Born to the House of Courtenay, he was well-known at Louis XI's Court, and dressed appropriately as one of the king's lovers. He lived a life of excess, and was quite content to be a plaything for the royalty, even gaining proper title in exchange for his talented favors.

But the lives of the noble class are fraught with politics, and Etienne was the bearer of Courtenay blood. In an effort to bring the House closer to the throne, a marriage was arranged. Etienne was furious, and made it well known that he wanted nothing to do with the girl from the Anjou line. His tantrums could not halt the political duties of his lineage, and so, he was wed. The consummation was laughable, with both ready to play the bride, but Etienne performed his duty, and disgusted, swore to never do so again.

Fortunately, the Lady D'Elegante was planted with the fruit of his labour that night. When the child was birthed, it was a boy, and Etienne was summoned from Louis' chamber to give the name. "Call it Foufou la chou," he laughed, dismissing the babe. Etienne's sister, attending at the bedside, intervened. "Etienne! At least give it a Christian name!" "Christian, it is, then," he called on his way out the door.

And so, Christian D'Elegante came into the world.

He grew in his father's footsteps, donning the delicate clothing of a French dandy, but not limiting himself in terms of love. The House of Courtenay had hoped for a strong line, but saw that this one was no better than Etienne. They cast him aside, and focused on the females in the line. Courtnay's lesser house, La Ferti-Loupihres, took him in, and in poor English translation, and ale-muddled thought, ArgentLupe read this group as "Extreme Wolflings" and chatted their way into the noble's barroom. (Corwin's French never was so good...) Darkan of ArgentLupe, may he rest in peace, brought young Christian into the fold with promises of fancy dance lessons and fine drinks. The drinks were plenty, and we'll never know for sure about the dirty dancing, but Christian is still around.

Lord Christian enjoys his sport, and has traveled many pastures. It is not known how many loves there have been, beast and beyond, but numerous nights he has crawled to his pavilion, lace and ribbons trailing, a smile upon his face.

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