ArgentLupe Head Shot
Fergus McCann
known as Fenris Firetongue McCann

My name is Fergus McCann. In 1316, I was born in a small village in Loughneagh, a province in Armagh within the Kingdom of Ulster. We know that year well, since it was the year Edward Bruce, the brother of King Robert of Scotland, was crowned high king of Ireland. My mother was a peasant woman of the village, daughter of a farmer, but my father was a noble of the Clann McCann, also known as the Lords of Clanbrassil, whose territories were located on the southern shores of Loughneagh. As I was a bastard child and unsuitable for nobility, my father showed a great kindness to my mother by taking me in as a servant in the keep. I took on the name McCann as all the child servants did.

Growing up, I was taught to read and write and a few other things by the maidservants. Soon I began to learn the art of war. Soldiers were needed to aid in regaining lands that the Norman lords had taken for themselves and their knights. Control of the surrounding lands was regained after several years. There were a few years of peace in which I learned the trade of leather working in my mother's village. In 1338, the year I turned 22, disaster struck our village. The Black Death reached the Island killing many, including my mother.

It was then that I left Ireland to travel abroad to Scotland as a mercenary. I have never returned to the Isle, remaining instead in Scotland as the work is plentiful and well-paying; however, I hope that my steps will someday lead me home.

In the meantime, I have found a home and a new name with the mercenary band ArgentLupe. I am now known as Fenris Firetongue McCann, and can be found fighting and reveling at their side.

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