ArgentLupe Head Shot

Garrick Vormund

Garrick was born an only child in a small mountainous village in Switzerland. His father William had only a short time with his son, for William was a soldier, and joined up with every campaign that could pay well enough. Little Garrick was only 5 years old when the message was delivered to his mother. His father had been killed in battle; Jacqueline Vormund was now a widow. She was strong, though, and raised him well, teaching him to handle any task on the homefront. He was barely a man when Jacqueline fell to illness. She passed away not long after, leaving him quite, quite alone at age 19. Garrick wandered from city to city, country to country over his life, seeking work and adventure. During a stay in England, he met Barktooth of the Shortbeard, a thoroughly intoxicated man who bade him come visit the Keep. Garrick had nowhere to stay, so he thanked and agreed. Thus, he met the members of House ArgentLupe. Over time, and many, many ales, Garrick found his new family at that very Keep. With pride, he now calls himself "A Luper."

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