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Jeggred Von Tiranul

The spring of 1430, in a small town outside the voivodate of Transylvania, A Gypsy woman and man gave birth to a small boy. This child was raised as a gypsy and among the traveling band he called his extended family. The name, Jeggred was donned to him, meaning "jackal" due to his slightly eerie smile even from birth. The boy, Jeggred, was raised up to age eight, around the same time the lands of Transylvania saw a new ruler emerge. The new ruler demanded obedience without pause and strict loyalty of his people. Jeggred and his family were not ones to agree with this new ruler, named "the Dragon", or his harsh laws. One night Jeggred awoke to the thundering sounds of a garrison of horsemen who rode into the gypsy camp, and the blazing roar of torches igniting tents and wagons. As the horsemen rode through camp, Jeggred bolted for the trees and hid in the dark Transylvanian woods. He watched as his family was rounded up, and shackled by the new ruler's militia men. He watched as the only ones he loved were run through, from throat to arse with a 10' pike, and then raised his into the air as the pike's end was implanted. As the last of his kind were impaled, he watched as table and chair and diningware was brought down and a man began to eat his evening's dinner surrounded by Jeggred's dying family. He watched through tear-filled eyes as this new ruler dined on red meat and potatoes while the blood poured out of his mother and father. Jeggred was too close to move away without being spotted, so he was forced to wait until the madman was finished with his calm repast. Once they were gone, Jeggred bolted into the woods. He made it to a small village used as a stop for caravans, and snuck aboard one. Throughout the night the terrible images burned in the young boy's skull and memory; the sight of his mother staring at him in the underbrush with her last breath, mouthing wordlessly to him "help me". Jeggred awoke to a huge Romanian man staring down at him and knew he was caught. The man was called Fazzil, an armorsmith by trade, took the boy in and taught him the art of armourcrafting.

Jeggred doesn't remember much of his adolescence, save the training that was taught him. As his adopted father taught him to make blades, people they met along his trade route taught Jeggred the art of using the weapon. Jeggred learned fast, and remembers most the lessons taught to him by a strange yellow skinned man who traveled the same path that Jeggred and his father did into the borderlands of Austria. On the road to the town where Jeggred's adopted father, Fazzil owned a smithy, they were accosted by bandit rogues. They held Jeggred down as the rogues robbed his father, Fazzil. As one of the rogues got too close, His father, lashed out, striking one of the rogues in the jaw. Two of the rogues sliced his father's neck and ran off. This triggered the break in Jeggred's mind, rushing the images of his mother and real father back. His psyche was broken. Jeggred exploded into a rage and chased the rogues down with the short sword Fazzil had made for him. One of the rogues fell and Jeggred leaped upon him, stabbing him dozens of times. Jeggred was tackled off the unfortunate thief and was tied up and dropped on the steps of one of Romania's first sanitariums. There the man sat in a cell, with his arms strapped to walls, and unable to sit for days on end, a bucket of cold water thrown at him nightly for a bath, and a tray of rotting milkbread for dinner. One night Jeggred attacked the Guards who freed him to change his clothes and escaped, running into the Romanian mountains. They gave the crazed young man the title of Von Tiranul, or "The Terrible".

The next reported sighting of Jeggred, "The Terrible Jackal" was in Ireland, as a conscripted mercenary. There, Jeggred met a battle-lusting Celt by the name of Fenris McCann, a man he saw as an equal not only in battle but in insanity. Together, they roamed in search of mercenary work. The sight of war brings Jeggred the harsh memories of his sad and bloodied past, but as a warrior, he battles those images back. The one thing that does stay in the forefront of his mind, is his teachings of the bushido, and the code of honor ingrained into him by his many teachers. Jeggred was last seen roaming Britain or Ireland looking for work as a mercenary or lordless knight.

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