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Krey MacLeod

I was raised a poor Black child....oops...wrong bio....

The time is sometime in the late 13th century, and I was a wanderling...just a-beboppin along, minding my own business. I stumbled across this caravan of weird looking individuals wearing ugly colored skirts. I was kinda hungry and decided to borrow a meal from them. Unfortunately, i was caught. they were gonna toss me off a cliff, but one of them, Lord Alisdair MacLeod, asked them to spare me and took me in. I was raised as his son and given the name "Kieran", which means "little dark-skinned warrior". I had trouble pronouncing Kieran and somehow it came out "Krey". Eventually, Lord Alisdair and his wife, Kate,(known to me as Da and Ma), came to have other children: Malcolm (who we all called "Numsey), William, Liam, Aidan, Kathrine, and Keelie. Da then disappeared, leaving me as the man of the house since I was the oldest! And there ya have it!

Watch for the movie and soundtrack featuring songs by Iron Maiden, Metallica, Bolt Thrower, Ministry, and Duran Duran, sometime in 2005!

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