ArgentLupe Head Shot

Walgrim Von Kirchhoff

Walgrim von Kirchhoff was born 1174 in southern Bavaria on a small farm near the Austrian border during the Hohenstaufen rule of the Holy Roman Empire.

Quickly growing weary of agrarian farm life, Walgrim took advantage of the tumult following the death of Holy Roman Emperor Freidrich Barbarossa in 1190 to serve as mercenary in varying capacities.

In 1201, Walgrim met his Bavarian wife-to-be Ulla Werner while on a pilgrimage to the papacy in Rome.

During the ensuing time of relative peace in his homeland Walgrim found himself without marketable skills, so he sought martial employment in other corners... eventually falling in with a band of bawdy fellows wearing wolf headed tabards that he met in a seedy tavern. The rabble of varying origins (Englishmen, Scots, even a [gasp] Frenchmen) quickly brought Walgrim into the fold. He has been content to travel, fight, and revel with his adopted Argent Lupe family since.

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